Video Intermission – Bike-urious does 1000 Miles in 24 Hours

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It’s been a while since we’ve created a video for you to enjoy, so I’m excited to share this tale of Nathan trying to join the Iron Butt Association. I’m a big fan of the IBA, and I challenged Nathan to complete their entrance ride: 1000 miles in 24 hours. He was feeling pretty cocky about it, so I made him do it on a cruiser with no windscreen.

His choice was the xDiavel S – thanks to Ducati for providing us with one:

Some shots from the day:

Getting a start around 4am:

You have to document the trip and get witness forms at the start and end. Nathan didn’t have any luck with the attendant at our first gas station.

Aaron not only did the ride with us, he basically filmed the whole thing while it was happening:

The xDiavel had a Termi exhaust, which made it comically loud. Nathan said the hardest part of the trip was actually the volume of the exhaust, rather than the wind or the general exhaustion that sets in when you’re on the road for over 12 hours. It’s a hell of a bike, though!

While Nathan was on the Ducati, I joined him on one of my personal bikes, a BMW K1200R. Aaron rode a previous generation Honda Goldwing provided by Eagle Rider.

A quick stop at Lake Tahoe.

Nathan’s aunt and uncle have a house on the lake, so we stopped by to say hi as it was coincidentally his cousin’s birthday. I didn’t pass up the opportunity to stretch my legs for a bit.


This was approximately the halfway point. Time to get back on the road!

Quick break on I-5

Once it got dark, we pretty much stop capturing photos/videos and just covered the remainder of our miles like robots.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

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