Video Intermission – Erzbergrodeo 2016

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Billed as the ‘toughest single day off-road race in the world’, the Red Bull Hare Scramble is the highlight of the four day weekend that is the Erzbergrodeo – the one weekend a year where the Erzberg (also known as the Iron Giant) mine shuts down so that 500 riders can make their way up from the bottom of the quarry to freedom. It’s coming up on Sunday and you can watch it for free online, courtesy of Red Bull.

If you need a reminder as to why you should watch this, here’s a brief recap from last year:

Or if you want a more detailed look, here’s the TV episode Red Bull did as part of their Signature Series from a couple of years ago:

For more information on the race, check out the Red Bull site. You can watch it live on RedBullTV online on May 29th at 2:30am PST – save this link to watch!

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