Video Intermission – Jay Leno’s Garage – 1934 Brough Superior 1150

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Jay Leno’s got a new room in his collection, and it’s dedicated to Brough Superiors! Let him take you for a tour of it in his latest YouTube video…

A special note is how Jay got these bikes. Most of them came from his friend Robert White, a British collector who unfortunately passed away from cancer. He decided to sell his impressive collection of cars, motorcycles, and camera equipment (he founded one of the UK’s biggest photography retailers) and donate the proceeds towards a local hospital to build what would become known as the Robert White Cancer Centre.

As Jay explains in the video, Robert tried selling his collection of Brough Superiors individually but he was getting lowballed and it wasn’t worth the trouble. Eventually he ended up working out a deal with Jay to sell all of the Broughs – I believe Leno now has the world’s largest private collection of the model. The rest of Robert’s collection was sold through a Bonhams auction.

In this video Jay walks you through his new room, focusing on large replicas of period ads and a quick look at the individual bikes before eventually settling on a Brough Superior 1150 with a sidecar to take out on the road:

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