Video Intermission – Jay Leno’s Munch Mammut

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This week’s episode of Jay Leno’s Garage features one of the coolest motorcycles of the 60s (some people consider it the first superbike) – the Munch Mammut.

For more on the Mammut, check out this write-up on The Vintagent – it’s especially worth a read as Paul d’Orleans actually got a chance to ride one and he great job conveying what the experience was like.

Less than 500 of these bikes were built, but that actually makes it more prevalent than Friedel Munch’s attempted rebirth, called the Mammut 2000. MSRP was $82,000, and it featured a 2,000cc turbocharged motor that produced 260 horsepower. Look how comically large it is! The video is in German but the size of this bike transcends any language: