Video Intermission – The Road Is Life

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A buddy of mine is currently shopping for a Honda Ruckus, and he just shared an older video with me that I hadn’t seen before. It’s about a gentleman named Mike Saunders, who quit his job in May of 2014 to tour the US on a Honda Ruckus. At the time of this video (April 2015) he had done over 29,000 miles. As of the last post on his website (April 2018) he had covered over 69,000 miles!

As noted above, his last update was April of last year after an accident where a dog chased him (you’re not outrunning a dog on a Ruckus). It resulted in a broken collarbone, and he unfortunately hasn’t written anything since. Here’s hoping Mike is still on the road.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Jake M!

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