Video Intermission – Ural’s Quality Testing Program

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Ural’s cleaned up and brought back an old video that I always enjoyed – in their words, the “Ural Board of Directors isn’t strictly made up of desk jockeys or pencil pushers – they’re riders. And these guys take quality assurance seriously. Each year they plan a trip to test the sidecars in conditions that truly challenge their machines. This video shows how hard they work, but also how much fun they have while doing it!

Here’s the new video, which has been trimmed and slightly polished:

If you enjoyed that, here’s the longer original from about 3 years ago:

My last time with the Ural was tough (my fault for picking the route), but seeing this makes me want to jump back on one. Vy says it’s one of her favorite bikes to be a passenger on, so maybe we’ve got a road trip to take soon…

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