VIN #1 – 1978 Harley-Davidson MX250

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In the late 70s, Harley was in a phase of small-displacement bikes while under the control of AMF. They decided to dabble in the world of motocross, and had their Italian branch, Aermacchi, build the Harley-Davidson MX250. It was the first (and only) HD MX bike, and it only lasted for one year. This one’s a bit special as it’s the first one that Harley ever made.

The package was oddly international – an Italian motor with Japanese suspension, ignition, and tires, and Spanish rims. Magazine reviews of the time all spoke highly of the power from the engine, though the general consensus was that the powerband was relatively narrow. HD focused its marketing on racing, and they even had a factory team (starring Rex Staten) that earned a podium spot in a MX National in 1977. The bike weighed just 233 pounds dry – 25 pounds heavier than the competition. The 242.6cc engine took in gas from a 38mm Dell Orto carb and pushed its 32.4 horsepower through a 5 speed transmission. Most reviewers felt that the Harley-Davidson MX250 was a solid first effort that would become an excellent bike after another year of tweaking. Unfortunately, that additional year never came. Want to learn more? Check out the only website dedicated to the MX250.

This example (VIN: 7D100001H8) is the first MX250 ever built, and it’s been in the owner’s collection for approximately 8 years. It’s got a few cosmetic issues and it doesn’t run, but I suspect that no one’s planning on riding this any time soon and the next owner will want to keep it as original as possible. Find this MX250 for sale in Marina del Rey, California with bidding up to $10,000 and the reserve not yet met here on Iconic Motorbike Auctions.

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