Viper Powered – 2005 Boss Hoss ZZ4 Custom

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Packing the 8.3 V-10 from a Dodge Viper, this modified Boss Hoss ZZ4 puts down 580 horsepower (730 when running on the onboard nitrous) and 630 pound feet of torque. Just two of these Viper powered bikes were built by the late Tony Reynolds, and here’s your chance to snag one of them.

Boss Hoss ZZ4 Viper - Right Side

For comparison’s sake, at least one other Viper V-10 motorcycle has been built. Check out The Kneeslider for a bike built by Allen Millyard, which hit over 200 mph on its first speed test and looks like this:

Allen Millyard Viper

But back to the bike that’s actually for sale: it weighs “only” 1085 pounds and returns 18 miles per gallon. Total cost to make it was claimed to be over $253,000. Find this insane creation for sale here on Wrecked Exotics for an eye-watering $185,000.

Boss Hoss ZZ4 Viper - Engine

[Cue TV Informercial Voice:] But wait, there’s more! For an additional ~$10,000, you’ll get a matching trailer to tow your bike around:

Boss Hoss ZZ4 Viper - Trailer

And for an additional $65,000, you can have a ’99 Viper GTS/ACR that’s been painted to match the motorcycle.

Boss Hoss ZZ4 Viper - Car and Bike

I can’t say the motorcycle is particularly attractive, but it sure is unique. But is it unique enough to justify nearly $200k?

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