What Do You Want To Know? 2017 BMW Urban G/S

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Well, this is a tough one. I know a lot of you are big fans of the original G/S, and I think this is going to be quite polarizing. The “Urban” in the name probably gives it away that this is not an ideal choice if you wanted to go around the world – doesn’t that cheapen the value of what “G/S” has come to mean? On the other hand, the styling that pays homage to the ’80 R80G/S with the white livery, windshield cowl, and red seat makes me weak in the knees. What say you?

“Urban” doesn’t mean you still can’t go exploring with it – spoked wheels with knobbies will be a factory option.

I’ve been desperate to try one ever since I saw a preview of this bike at a BMW event a few months ago, and now it can finally happen…except I’m out of the country on a motorcycle trip. Alright, I realize that’s not a great way to try and garner sympathy. But because I won’t be around, I’ve asked Aaron Schasse (you may remember his recent El Mirage story) to go in my place and he’ll have a First Ride review for you soon.


Here’s BMW’s preview of the new bike, where they don’t hide how similar it is to the rest of the BMW RnineT lineup:

Check out BMW’s site for more information, and then fire away in the comments if you have more questions and Aaron will get answers for you!

The RnineT family has become gigantic. Good thing the motor is such a jewel.