What Do You Want To Know? 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 + 900 GT

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UPDATE: Here’s my review!

Yamaha USA’s quest to copy model names from the rest of the world continues as the FZ-09 sport-tourer is being replaced with the “Tracer 900”. You may remember that the same thing happened earlier this year with naked FZ-07, which became the MT-07.

The Tracer gets some decent updates, better-looking bodywork, and a new up-spec “GT” model. On paper, this sounds like a winner. I’m headed to southeast Washington to see if what’s on paper translates to the real world. Is there anything you specifically want to know? Let me know in the comments!

Let’s start with a video that does not make me want to buy the bike at all. Maybe the Tracer will give me a six-pack?

The change from FJ-09 to Tracer is an evolution rather than a revolution with a 2.36″ longer swingarm, 4″ narrower handlebar, revised styling, and a few updates to improve rider and passenger comfort including a larger windscreen, wider seat, and lower passenger footpegs. But it’s the GT that I’m really excited about.

For $2,300 extra (I know, that’s significant) you’ll get 22 liter hard side bags, the quick shifter from the MT-09 (upshift only), cruise control, a full-color TFT dashboard, upgraded fully-adjustable KYB front forks (the base model has non-adjustable units), and heated grips. $2,300 isn’t cheap, but that’s a lot of great hardware for the money.

Dash for the 900GT

For more information on these models, check out the Yamaha website:
Tracer 900
Tracer 900 GT

Dash for the 900.

Photos from Yamaha.

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