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The Buell S2 Thunderbolt Signature Series was the first set of motorcycles produced as a result of the alliance between Buell and Harley-Davidson. Released to the public in 1994 as a ’95 model, the S2 Thunderbolt took visual cues from the Buell 1200RS (the very limited run of bikes Buell made as an independent), and combined with the 1200cc Harley Evo engine. Down on hp compared to the Japanese competition, it provided a unique riding experience thanks to the tremendous torque.

Buel S2 Thunderbolt Signature Series - Right Side

1,399 of the S2 Thunderbolts were built for the first model year (all first year bikes were part of the Signature Series), and all were built by hand. In addition to the official paperwork that was sent out, Erik Buell actually contacted all of the owners personally with a letter in July of 1995. We’re huge suckers for the shock placement, and the sinewy bodywork of the rear. With an original MSRP of $11,900, the Signature Series wasn’t cheap – but it wasn’t unreasonable, either. Original production was slated to be just 300, but Buell increased that to 1,399 to meet demand. However, Buell switched from TIG to MIG welding for the second batch just to save time.

Buel S2 Thunderbolt Signature Series - Gauges

This specific Buell S2 Thunderbolt Signature Series is number 889 of 1399. We’re concerned about the lack of Buell decals and what seems to be a non-original paint color. One of the aspects that made the Signature Series special was the 3 stage paint used that seemed to shift color based on lighting. Most importantly, you’ll get all the paperwork, which is one of the big differentiators for this bike. This paperwork includes a personal letter from Erik, a Certificate of Authenticity, and a signed timing cover.

Buel S2 Thunderbolt Signature Series - Left Side

Find this Buell S2 Thunderbolt Signature Series for sale here on Craigslist for a ‘best offer’ in Oxford, WI. Value on this is tough to judge. Just a few years ago, it was feasible to pick one up for $4,000 or so, but prices shot up when Buell went out of business. As you might have heard, Erik Buell Racing just announced they’re coming back with the 1190RX, so we’re curious to see how that ends up affecting prices for old Buell’s.

If this bike truly tickles your fancy, you might also be interested in a slightly nicer version going for a solid $9,995 here in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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