1 of 2400 – 1977 Triumph Bonneville Silver Jubilee

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Post Listing Update: This Silver Jubilee did not meet reserve despite 30 bids up to $6,500.

One of the rarest forms of the Triumph Bonneville, this bike was one of 2,400 produced to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s time at the top. 1,000 went to the US, 1,000 stayed home in the UK, and 400 were built for Commonwealth export.


It seems that the idea for this celebratory bike came from Lord Donald Stokes, who was consulting with Triumph while running British Leyland. Changes to the base Bonnie were cosmetic, with silver/red/blue paint, blue seat with red piping, and some chrome pieces. There was some cosmetic deviations between the three markets. As noted in the comments, the bike had different tanks, but there were also some differences in the sidecovers: UK bikes said “Limited Edition”, US bikes said “One of a Thousand”, and the other exports bikes said “International Edition.” Each bike also came with a Certificate of Ownership.


This example (VIN: XP79893) has about 13,600 miles and it looks gorgeous thanks to excellent photography from Revival Cycles, who are selling this bike for one of their clients. The bike is said to be stocked except for an upgrade to Boyer electronic ignition. This is #368 of the 1,000 US bikes, and it’s in impressive original condition. Find this Silver Jubilee Bonnie for sale in Austin, Texas with bidding up to $3,625 and the reserve not yet met

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