1.5 HP of Fury – 1950 Sears Powerbike

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8/27 Update – This Sears Powerbike was relisted here on eBay with the same starting bid and BIN price.

The Sears Powerbike was designed as a conversion to maximize the utility of a bicycle. As a standalone, self-contained unit, it simply replaced the rear wheel – no frame modifications were required. With 1.5 horsepower on tap from a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine, the Powerbike was internally limited to 32 miles per hour, and was capable of between 80-100 miles per gallon.

Sears Powerbike - Left Side

Features included a kick starter, automatic clutch, and a five-quart gas tank. But the weirdest aspect of all is that the throttle was actually a pull lever where you’d normally find the rear brake, in front of the right grip! We imagine that had to cause some confusion for riders switching between bicycles and the Powerbike.

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The Sears Powerbike was all about maximizing what a bicycle could do. With this conversion, Sears hoped you’d now use your bike to get to work, run errands, take it to school – whatever you could imagine. It was simple, economical transportation.

Sears Powerbike - Engine

The St. Louis Car Museum put up a quick video explaining how the Sears Powerbike operates:

This specific Sears Powerbike was installed onto a 50’s J.C. Higgins bicycle. As shown in the video, it works in great shape – though it’s recommended that you get off the line by pedaling first, then engaging the throttle. The buyer of this bike will also receive an original brochure.

Sears Powerbike - Handlebar

Find this Sears Powerbike for sale here on eBay with bidding at $2,895 and a Buy-It-Now price of $4,900 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Sears Powerbike - Right Side