1.7 Miles from Rick Brett – 1975 Kawasaki H2C 750

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Post Listing Update: This H2C did not meet reserve despite $37,600 after 55 bids on eBay.

This is apparently quite the week for high dollar classic Kawasakis! As you may remember from a post back in April, legendary Kawi collector Rick Brett is liquidating his collection. He was selling most bikes through his website, but it looks like he saved a special one for eBay – a purple H2C that he calls “NOS” (New Old Stock) because it “has never had fuel or oil in it.”

Rick also notes that “it has been turned over regularly to keep the bores and crank clean, I would safely bet that it will fire straight up if fuel were added (and I hope that doesn’t happen!)” Beyond that, is there much to say? It’s arguably one of the most infamous bikes of all time, in one of the best colors (approximately 3,000 of the ’75 H2C’s were in Purple, according to Rick), and it’s as close to new as you’re going to find. What else do you want (besides more money)?

Find this H2 for sale in Traverse City, Michigan with bidding up to $20,100 and the reserve not yet met

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