1 of 33 – 1975 Rokon FT340 Automatic Flat Tracker

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10-19-22 Update: Three and a half years later, this bike is back up on eBay from the same seller. Now it’s just got a BIN price – find it with an asking price of $14,900 or best offer here on eBay.

Post Listing Update: This Rokon did not meet reserve despite 9 bids up to $6,802 on eBay.

In the early 70s, you could occasionally see an automatic Rokon on the flat tracks of New England, specifically one campaigned by Mike Donahue. Rokon would eventually go on to release 33 factory built flat track racers with a rear disc brake and gorgeous gold magnesium snowflake wheels. Called the FT340, it was one of several bikes that Rokon created around a platform powered by a Sachs snowmobile engine with a torque converter.

As a fun historical aside, the Rokon 340 platform also gave birth to one of the odder “motorcycles” of all time – a safety-focused prototype developed by Joan Claybrook (the head of the NHTSA) in response to an increase in fatalities from motorcycle accidents:

Check out Professor Bob’s Fun with Historical Stuff for more information!

Back to the FT340. This example (VIN: FT1007) has not been run since it was restored. It came out of Tom Reese’s collection last year, and since then it has been kept “in a museum”.

Fancy a pull starter?

I saw this bike at Mecum last year (I know, I still owe you a recap from last month) where it was given a premium display location right at the entrance. It sold for $13,200.

Find this Rokon flat tracker for sale in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin with bidding up to $5,000 and the reserve not yet met