1916 Indian Powerplus with Side Car

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The Indian Power Plus was a successful roadster and canvas for racing bikes, especially with Erwin “Cannonball” Baker (after whom the Cannonball Run was named after). Hemmings called this “the engine that changed American motorcycling.” Today we’ve got an example that forgoes the racing pedigree for the utility of a sidecar.

In the beginning of 1916, Cannonbal Baker went to Australia to test the motor in a Power Plus, and he was able to cover 1,027 miles in 24 hours. The 1,189cc V-Twin was good for 8 horsepower, enough to propel the 430 pound bike up to about 60 miles per hour. MSRP at the time was just over $500. Racing versions of these bikes were capable of 15-18 horsepower, and speeds over 120 miles per hour – setting records at the time. This engine was also the basis for the famous 1920 Scout that Burt Munro turned into the World’s Fastest Indian. Want to learn more? Check out this article from Hemmings about why this engine was so revolutionary.

This bike (VIN: 83H583) has 9,122 miles but the seller has “never tried to start or drive this bike” as he just used it for display. Normally I’d just consider that code for “I can’t get it to start and it sounds nicer if I pretend I never tried” – I mean, how could you not want to take this piece of American motorcycling history for a ride? But hey, maybe he’s telling the truth, I obviously can’t be sure. Either way, it comes with a top and side curtains for the sidecar and a clean antique title in Pennsylvania.

Note that this bike sold at a Dan Morphy auction in October of 2015 for $29,000 (plus fees, I believe)

Find this Powerplus with sidecar for sale in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with bidding up to $30,101 and the reserve not yet met