1939 DKW SB500

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Post Sale Update – This DKW SB500 finally ended up selling on eBay for $15,925.

10/15 Update – And the price keeps dropping…find it on eBay again with a BIN of $18,500.  We won’t be updating this again.

10/8 Update – This DKW SB500 did not meet reserve at $14,600, so the seller has relisted it here. Bidding is currently at $15,100 with a BIN price of $21,000 ($7,000 lower than previously!)

DKW is one of the 4 German manufacturers that came together to form the 4 rings you now know as the Audi logo. Founded in 1919, DKW started with a 122cc two-stroke engine – and they’d evolve into industry leaders with that engine type in the 1930s. By that point, DKW was the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in continental Europe, with bikes like this DKW SB500.

DKW SB500 - Right Side

The SB500 was built between ’34-’39, with approximately 19,000 units made in varying configurations. Each was powered with a 494cc twin that produced about 15 horsepower. With a three speed transmission, hand shifter, and foot clutch, this bike gets special credit as one of the first to come with an electric start (which DKW called Dynastart). Compare that to HD, which didn’t introduce electric starts until 1965.

DKW SB500 - Shifter

This specific DKW SB500 has had an incredible restoration, which is why the seller is asking for all kinds of money. It’s spent decades in a museum, and was gone through this Spring. We’ve only heard of 3 of these bikes in the US, so you’ll definitely be buying exclusivity – the question is, will you be paying too much. We’ll be curious to see just how much this goes for.

DKW SB500 - Gauges

Find this DKW SB500 for sale here on eBay with bidding at $6,600 and the reserve not yet met in Ada, Michigan.