1943 Harley-Davidson Servi Car

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10/15 Update: This Harley-Davidson Servi Car was relisted with a starting bid of $13,500

Produced for nearly 40 years, the Harley-Davidson Servi Car was a three-wheeler HD produced in an attempt to further expand their target customer base during the Great Depression. One of their selected targets was automotive mechanics, so this bike was designed to allow mechanics put their tools in the rear storage box to make house calls. The Servi Car also had a tow hitch, so if a customer’s car was finished, the mechanic could take both vehicles to the client’s home, then ride the trike back.

Harley-Davidson Servi Car - Fairing

Released in 1932, the Servicar evolved nearly year over year. The three-wheeled nature and the giant storage box in back lent the Harley Davidson Servi-car to a wide variety of uses. Many police departments used them as general runabouts, or as parking enforcement vehicles. Here’s a restored example of Watsonville, CA’s police department Servi-Car.

Harley-Davidson Servi Car - Front

This specific Harley-Davidson Servi Car is claimed to be one of the very few civilian models sold. It has been stored for several years and now needs ‘some break-in miles’. The seller correctly notes that while the bike was ‘restored’ at one point, some things were done incorrectly with respect to a 1940 model. As it only has a bill of sale, only certain states will be alright with you purchasing this bike – make sure you check ahead in advance.

Harley-Davidson Servi Car - Rear Box

Find this Harley-Davidson Servi Car with an opening bid of $14,000 in Tannersville, New York. Despite the opening bid, the seller notes that he’ll accept a Buy-It-Now price of $12,750Not sure why the opening bid is so high, then.

Harley-Davidson Servi Car - Right Side