1941 Indian 648 Big Base Racer

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A prototype of the famous Indian 648 Big Base Racer, this bike is claimed to be #3 of 13 pre-production models, according to the seller.

Indian 648 Big Base Racer - Left Side

The Big Base name came from a larger oil capacity/bigger sump. This was determined to be necessary to deal with the additional stresses of racing, so Indian modified the bike to help with reliability. Modifications included a cast steel flywheel, and roller bearings from the Sport Scout. It was a successful race bike that had a 40 year long career. For more on the Big Base racer, check out details from this listing of an official factory racebike that sold at a RM Auction for $165,000.

Indian 648 Big Base Racer - Right Side

This specific Indian 648 Big Base Racer (VIN: EXP3 HB) was restored years ago and since spent its time in private museums. It was apparently last run 5-6 years ago. The seller gives a story of Bobby Hallowell, a friend of Steve Dupont, the individual who developed the Big Base bikes. According to the seller, 13 cases were cast before factory release, and this is #3. Only about 30 factory racers were eventually built, and this is one of the very few (maybe only?) remaining prototypes.

Indian 648 Big Base Racer - Right Rear

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