1947 Cushman Ice Cream Scooter

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Post-Listing Update: In not-so-stunning news, this Cushman Ice Cream Scooter failed to attract any bids at $12,250.

Are times tough? Been looking for ways you can expand your entrepreneurial empire? Ever thought ice cream could solve all your problems? Look no further, my friend, as I’ve got the perfect next vehicle for you – a Cushman Ice Cream Scooter.

Cushman Ice Cream Scooter - Front

The seller identifies it as a Model 53a, but that can’t be right. I’ve featured a 53a before, which is worth checking out thanks to the fantastic military/parachuting history. If I had to guess (but my Cushman knowledge is minimal, at best), it’s a 50-series scooter. Usually, the Cushman Truckster was repurposed for odd jobs like this, but this scooter has been setup with a two-door unit that works with dry ice – and the umbrella is a great touch.

Cushman Ice Cream Scooter - Right Rear

This specific Cushman Ice Cream Scooter was recently restored. The transmission has been rebuilt, the pin striping is new, and the back box is a new repro unit. The motor was rebuilt, and you’ll get new tires, new brakes, and new chrome. I can’t imagine there’s a very large market for one of these, but I also can’t imagine there are many better examples available.

Cushman Ice Cream Scooter - Right Side

Find this Cushman Ice Cream Scooter for sale in Elwood, Indiana with an opening bid of $12,250

Cushman Ice Cream Scooter - Storage

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