1948 Mustang Model 2

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Post-Listing Update: After 21 bids on eBay, this Mustang Model 2 did not meet reserve at $3,200.01.  It’s now back up for sale with bidding already quite active at $1,925, find it

Sold for nearly 20 years, the Mustang was developed and built in Glendale, California by Gladden Products Corporation. It started as a homebrew bike built for an employee of Gladden to commute to work during World War II – management liked it so much that they commercialized it! The second version off the line, the Mustang Model 2, is actually the first American bike to utilize a telescopic fork.

Mustang Model 2 - Top

Prototypes of the Mustang used outsourced engines from Villiers, but after the war, supplies began to dry out. In response, Gladden bought an engine manufacturer, then revised the prototype design to form the Model 2 that you see in front of you, which cost about $345. The 320cc engine was good for 9.5 horsepower, and you got a three-speed transmission and 12 inch wheels. Want to learn more? Check out the Mustang Motorcycle Club of America.

Mustang Model 2 - Engine

This specific Mustang Model 2 is mostly original and has a nifty fish tail muffler. The cosmetic condition is great, which only a scratch on the rear fender, but there’s nothing mentioned about the engine – just that the bike has been stored for several years.

Mustang Model 2 - Front Right

Find this Mustang Model 2 for sale in Burleson, Texas with bidding up to $2,025 and the reserve not yet met