1976 Montesa 348 Trail

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Post-Listing Update: Even though it was relisted, this Montesa 348 Trail never received a single bid at $1,595.

Based on the revolutionary Cota, the Montesa 348 Trail was designed as a street-legal alternative that would allow you to travel nearly anywhere, albeit slowly.

Montesa Cota 348 Trail  - Tank

With street legal lighting, an actual seat with room for a passenger, a bigger fuel tank, and a seating position that allowed for sitting as opposed to the eternal standing of trials riders, this was a rare bike, even for the unique Montesa. The fuel tank and body work are combined as one piece, held tight by rubber straps. You got a 6-speed transmission (much more widely space than the Cota) to help achieve a top speed of approximately 70 mph.

Montesa Cota 348 Trail  - Right Side

This specific Montesa 348 Trail (VIN: 51M55649) has 1,800 miles and is good running shape. I’ve always been a fan of the distinctive styling of Montesa trials bikes, and this little beauty does not disappoint. Unfortunately, it has a salvage title, but all looks good at first glance.

Montesa Cota 348 Trail  - Top

Find this Montesa 348 Trail for sale in Avis, Pennsylvania with an opening bid of $1,595