1948 Nimbus Model C

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The Nimbus motorcycle dates back to 1919, the result of a vacuum cleaner manufacturer that figured they could make some money by also building motorcycles. Though the two products may not share a lot conceptually, the original Nimbuses (Nimbi?) were quite technologically advanced with shaft drive, steel frames, and a telescopic front fork (a year before the BMW R12, though the latter was hydraulically damped). By 1932, Nimbus had evolved their machine into the Model C.

The 746cc inline four engine was capable of producing almost 20 horsepower, good enough to get the 408 pound (dry) bike up to approximately 70 miles per hour. The Nimbus is legendarily reliable – even today some people use them as daily commuters. For more information, check out this profile from the Nimbus Club USA, who estimate that there are about 200-250 of these bikes in the US.

Find this Nimbus for sale in Abington, Massachusetts for $19,500 here on Craigslist.

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