1949 NSU Quick

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The predecessor of the “Quickly”, the NSU Quick was built between 1936 and 1953. Nearly a quarter-million (235,441) were sold.

NSU Quick - Tank Rear

The Quick was basically a moped, with a 98cc engine that was good for 3 horsepower and a two speed transmission. Early Quicks had a pedal brake, just like some bicycles, though by ’38 a drum brake was standard issue.

NSU Quick - Tank Front

This example (VIN: 1438U54) is claimed to be all original, even with the original Continental tires and fishtail exhaust. However, the bike has “automotive drum breaks” and a couple of aftermarket pieces. Top speed is 34 miles er hour, and the odometer shows 5,131.2 miles on it.

Find this Quick for sale in West Harwich, Massachusetts with a BIN of $13,500

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