1954 Matchless G80S

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Post Sale Update: This G80S sold for $11,750 after 38 bids on Bring a Trailer in Nashville, Tennessee.

In this day and age, there are many similarities we take for granted that allow us to hop on any bike from recent history and go cruising down to the coffee shop. Some people try to stand out with modifications or custom bikes, but ultimately anyone with a license can get from A to B. However, there was a time before modern comforts like disc brakes, fuel injection, and shifting with your left foot. For the gentleman that find Triumphs too modern, this Matchless G80S could be the garage centerpiece you seek.

This 1954 Matchless G80S (VIN: 54G80526310) exudes British class. The polished tank looks superior, but not flashy. Also featuring a right side shifter, accessory fire extinguisher, and a reverse sweep speedometer, owning this motorcycle should give you the joy of learning to ride all over again. Previously owned by Keith Urban, this example has been kept in running condition by the current owner.

The current bid is $8,200, and I suspect you will not be alone watching the timer count down. Some people preserve history and culture through paintings and music. You could do the same by riding a Matchless. For more information on the 500cc G80S, check out this story on Classic British Motorcycles.

Find this Matchless for sale in Nashville, Tennessee with bidding up to $8,200 here on Bring A Trailer.

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