1956 Suzuki Colleda ST-II

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Post-Listing Update: This Suzuki Colleda ST-II did not meet reserve at $5,100.

From the same seller as the Toyomotor TB from a couple of days ago comes this Suzuki Colleda (which roughly translates to “this is the one”, or something similarly special). The first motorcycle from Suzuki, the Colleda was introduced to the world in 1954. Several changes came in the next few years, and by 1956, Suzuki had 4 models, 3 of which were Colleda variants. Today we’ve got the ST-II, a simple mode of transportation.

Suzuki Colleda - Cockpit

The ST-II was the most successful (over 100,000 units over 6 years) of the models, and it featured a 123cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine. It was a two-stroke unit good for 7 horsepower. Other basics included a three speed transmission, telescopic front forks, and a plunger rear suspension. If you want more information, a great source is SuzukiCycles, my first reference point on anything Suzuki has ever sold.

Suzuki Colleda - Front Left

This specific Suzuki Colleda (VIN: 56L1663) has never been restored and works great. It has 24,849 miles on the odometer, and the owner says he uses this bike every day to ride down to his mailbox. Not bad.

Suzuki Colleda - Right Side

Find this Suzuki Colleda for sale in Bakersfield, California with bidding up to $3,200 and the reserve not yet met

Suzuki Colleda - Tank

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