1959 Moto Guzzi Galletto

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Post Listing Update: This Galletto did not meet reserve despite 25 bids up to $4,550.

Carlo Guzzi was one of Moto Guzzi’s three co-founders back in 1921, and he was the brainchild behind a scooter/motorcycle hybrid called the Galletto (cockerel in Italian). Over approximately 15 years of production, 75,000 units were sold.

The Galletto came together with a tubular steel frame, leading link fork, and single sided swing arm wrapped around a 192cc air-cooled single. Both wheels were the same size, so a spare wheel/tire was thoughtfully included and tucked up front. This was Guzzi’s first scooter, and it was introduced at the 1950 Geneva Motor Show.

The seller of this example doesn’t have much to share, just saying that it’s original, it has a US title, and everything works. Find this Galletto for sale in Berlin, Maryland with bidding up to $4,049 and the reserve not yet met

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