1960 Capriolo Antelope

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In the early 60s, Capriolo offered up a range of small motorcycles with animal-inspired names: the 125cc Cheetah, 100cc Gazelle, and the 75cc Antelope.

The Antelope had a 6.5 horsepower OHC motor paired with a 4-speed transmission, and Cosmopolitan Motors (the US importer) sold them for $325 (per a 1963 advertisement). Cosmopolitan also advertised it as a “6 day gold medal winner” with 7.8:1 compression, Pirelli tires, and a whopping 190 miles per gallon.

This example is offered on a Bill of Sale, and it went through a restoration. The sale includes “an original operator’s manual (in Italian), parts book, wiring diagram, workshop manual (in English), and advertising literature.” It also comes with some spares, and in the below video the seller says it would make for a great centerpiece as part of an Italian collection or something to “park in front of your fireplace in the living room and give your wife something to yell at you about.”

Find this Antelope for sale in Ojai, California for $5,750 here on Bator International.