1960 Hercules K100

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Post Listing Update: This Hercules K100 did not meet reserve despite 8 bids up to $1,825 on eBay in Kingfield, Maine.

In the US, Hercules is probably best known as the first company to sell a Wankel-engined bike to the public – the Wankel 2000. The firm started building bikes in 1904 and was sold to ZF Sachs in 1963, eventually becoming part of the Zweirad Union. As you could probably guess, before the ’63 sale, Hercules wasn’t doing particularly well in the market. Around this time, they were using Sachs two-stroke engines, which presumably had something to do with the sale itself. Here’s one of those small two-stroke bikes, the Hercules K100.

This example (VIN: L136338) is claimed to be fully restored with a rebuilt motor. All the seller has to share is that it has approximately 12,700 miles and would be a “great Giro bike.”

Find this Hercules for sale in Kingfield, Maine with bidding up to $1,000 and the reserve not yet met here on eBay.

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