1960 Norton Manx 40M

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Post Listing Update: This Manx did not meet reserve despite 25 bids up to $29,100.29.

Built for a whopping 15 years in long stroke and short stroke variants, the Norton Manx has a long, complicated history – which means that I defer you to The Vintagent to learn more. In recent times there has been a resurgence in its popularity for classic motorcycle racing, leading to aftermarket firms specializing in service and parts supply for these classics. If you know the right people, you can even buy a ‘new’ Manx to take racing.

Norton Manx 40M - Rear Right

The Manx started as a Norton International, but then became factory racers in a (successful) effort to dominate the Manx TT on the Isle of Man. As that race was 264 miles long, the bikes were built to last. Despite that, you got a 500cc engine (on the 30M models) or a 350cc engine (on the 40M models), the latter of which produced 36 bhp at 8000 RPM.

Norton Manx 40M - Gauges

This specific Norton Manx 40M (VIN: R10M86453) was delivered from the factory to Rhodesia, and while thie racing history is unknown, the seller purchased it from South Africa 35 years ago. Unfortunately, that time was also when the engine was last run. It’s been restored, though not to 100%. Mileague is unknown, there is no title, and you should be aware that there is a small weld on the rear left side of the frame.

Norton Manx 40M - Front Left

Find this Norton Manx 40M for sale in Franklin, Michigan with bidding up to $18,600 and the reserve not yet met