1962 BMW R69S

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Post Listing Update: This BMW was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

The BMW R69S, produced from 1960 to 1969, was BMW’s sportbike of its day. With 42 horsepower, it was by far the most powerful bike BMW made at the time. You had to pay to play ($1,564 in 1966), but that extra money bought you one of the most prestigious motorcycles available in the day.

BMW R69S - Cockpit

This is one of my favorite motorcycles of the 1960’s. But I’ll leave the explanation of why that is to Cycle World, who put it best in a 1962 review:

Whatever the BMW’s merits in a contest of speed, it is still the smoothest, best finished, quietest and cleanest motorcycle it has ever been our pleasure to ride. To be honest, we think that anyone who would worry much over its performance-potential is a bit of a booby. The R69S is fast enough to handle any encounter, and it has attributes that are, in touring, infinitely more valuable than mere speed. All things considered, if we were planning a two-wheel style vacation/tour, the BMW would have to be our choice of mount.

BMW R69S - Rear

This specific BMW R69S (VIN: 379191) has 24,035 miles and is numbers matching. It received a ‘high level’ cosmetic restoration and top end rebuild, and it’s now a first kick bike. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and it even comes with a few choice extras – 6.5 gallon Schorsch Meier Sport tank, Flanders side stand, Hella bar end turn signals, and more.

BMW R69S - Front Right

Find this BMW R69S for sale in Green Lake, Wisconsin with bidding up to $18,000

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