1962 Matchless G80

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If you wanted to buy a new touring bike (or maybe lug a sidecar) in 1962 your choices were really quite simple. European or Harley Davidson? Single or Twin? The Japanese were a few years from market impact, and the English really bullied the market at the time. Associated Motorcycles Matchless brand (and the identical AJS Model 18) were players. Matchless was much better known for their scrambler models in the US, but the Model 80 (no C, S, or CS) was a pretty refined road machine.


1962 Matchless G80 used a 497 CC air cooled four stroke overhead valve single cylinder motor that produced 28 HP with a four speed transmission for a top speed in excess of 80 MPH. A full duplex frame with Girling shocks in the rear and Norton Roadholder front assembly coupled with big efficient brakes front and back and a 396 LBS of weight made for a very nimble package.


This particular 1962 Matchless G80 is in Duluth, Minnesota (the home of Aerostitch) and is listed as a refurbished (not restored) original. The owner has posted an extensive work/rebuild list with claimed mileage around 600 since renovation. The bike has a Buy It Now price of $9,500