1964 Ducati Falcon 80

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Post-Listing Update: After not getting any action at $4,800, this Ducati Falcon was relisted at $4,600…where it still got no bites.

One of the smallest Ducati’s of all time, the Ducati Falcon 80 has been ignored by most fans. A recent episode of the History Channel show American Restoration brought up awareness of the little Falcon, though the final asking price was a silly $12,000! Here’s your chance to snap one up for much, much less.

From http://motoguzzifalcone.tumblr.com/post/63375245796

From http://motoguzzifalcone.tumblr.com/post/63375245796

The Falcon was available in a 50cc or 80cc variant – the latter was sometimes called the “Super Falcon” and it produced 7 horsepower, allowing for a top speed between 50-60 miles per hour, depending on if you were carrying a passenger or not. The ad above claims the bike was capable of 150 miles per gallon. All in, the entire bike weighs just 110 pounds!

Ducati Falcon 80 - Engine

This specific Ducati Falcon 80 was inherited 10 years ago after it had been robbed for parts and left to sit. The seller had enough NOS parts lying around to make a complete bike, and it’s being billed as an “excellent survivor” which won 1st prize in the Street Single division of the Ducati Vintage Club (European Motorcycle Show and Swap) back in 2008.

Ducati Falcon 80 - Engine Left Side

Find this Ducati Falcon 80 for sale by Eurotrash Jambalaya in San Jose, California with a BIN of $4,800 (though it was previously listed @ $3,800 on their private website)

Ducati Falcon 80 - Right Side

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