1965 Honda CB77 Super Hawk

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Post Sale Update: This Super Hawk sold for $4,860 on eBay after being relisted.

The Honda CB77 has a special place in motorcycling history. They marked the beginning of Soichiro Honda developing his own designs, and we can all thank him for that. It was the beginning of the end of British motorcycling supremacy, despite their engines being significantly larger. The 305cc four stroke was a stressed member in the frame, and a race kit was offered by the factory encouraging owners to use their motorcycle for what it is intended to do: make you smile!

This 1965 Honda CB77 Super Hawk (VIN: CP77E1005706) is the result of a classic story. The owner took great of it, being fully aware he was riding a piece of history. A restoration was done including an engine overhaul and repainted frame, and the bike was kept stored in a garage to maintain its shape. However, loss of that storage led to this opportunity. Just 10,600 miles are on the clock, and it is ready for many more! The National Motorcycle Museum offers a brief history of the model for those of us who are younger than this bike. I just hope $5,400 Buy It Now price is enough to ease the sellers regret over what he is about to lose.

Find this Super Hawk for sale in Brooklyn, New York with a BIN of $5,400 or best offer

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