1966 Honda CB77 Superhawk

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Post Listing Update: This CB77 was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

The Honda CB77, also known as the the Super Hawk, has the glorious distinction of being Honda’s first sportbike. In certain ways, it set the template for the next 20 years of motorcycles thanks to a lovely pairing of speed and reliability. It would also lead to several future classic Hondas like the Black Bomber (CB450) and the ubiquitous CB750.

The 305cc engine had dual carbs, helping it produce 28 horsepower. You got an electric/kick start, steel-tube frame, and a top speed of around 100 miles per hour. A little factoid for you – a red CB77 Super Hawk was the mount of Robert Pirsig when he took the trip that was documented in the classic book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. For more on the Superhawk, check out this website dedicated to the model.

This example (VIN: CB771029513) has 14,713 miles and it’s offered by a seller who seems like the kind of person you want to buy from – he’s got great photos, plenty of details, and doesn’t shy away from the issues. The engine is on its second overbore and it’s said to run very strong, the fuel tank has been cleaned and epoxy-lined, it still has the original California black plate, and there’s a few parts from a CL77. There’s also a couple of cosmetic issues, but nothing that should dissuade you from enjoying this on the road (except for the bad seal on the fuel cap). The sale includes “hard copies and digital copies of OEM parts and shop manuals.”

You should definitely check out the listing for all the details – find this Superhawk for sale in San Luis Obispo, California with an unmet opening bid of $3,000 here on eBay.

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