Museum Quality – 1967 Honda S90

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Post-Listing Update: This ‘museum quality’ (despite the backwards tank badges) S90 did not meet reserve with bidding up to $3,152 on eBay.

I feature all kinds of motorcycles on this site, but only the Honda S90 is on here every day, as it’s part of the Bike-urious logo. Here’s a restored example that’s currently spending its days in a museum.

Honda S90 - Rear Left

The S90, also known as the Sport 90, was based on the Super Cub, another 90cc engine bike that was much more popular. Those 90cc pumped out 8 horsepower, allowing for a top speed of up to 65mph when piloted by a small rider. 90 mpg was easily possible, making this an economical (and beautiful) commuter bike, as long as you don’t need to spend any time on the freeway!

Honda S90 - Front Right

One of the best anecdotes about this bike is a history lesson from back in the 60s. The state of Nevada had requirements for motorcycle riders between the ages of 14-16. They couldn’t own a bike more powerful than 6.5 horsepower, and they had to stay under 35 miles per hour – though the latter was not mechanically regulated and had to be controlled by the rider him/herself. Though the Honda S90 produced 8 hp, Honda denied having more than 6.5 hp at the rear wheel, amusingly done so in a letter to a Honda dealership in Nevada to counter complaints by the Nevada Highway Patrol that the motorcycles were too quick.

Honda S90 - Left Side

This specific Honda S90 (VIN: NOS90E48374) is at the Simeone Automotive Museum, where it now sits after being the first restoration out of the Wisconsin-based shop Retrospeed. It will be shown at the 2014 Radnor Hunt Concour d’Elegance in Edgemont, Pennsylvania, after which the winner can pick up his or her new bike and add to the just 3,841 miles on the odometer.

Honda S90 - Right Side

Find this Honda S90 for sale in Philadelphia, Pennsyvlania with bidding up to $2,850 and the reserve not yet met