1967 Husqvarna 360 Viking

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Post Listing Update: This Viking did not meet reserve despite 15 bids up to $12,328 on eBay.

11-1-18 Update: Almost two years later, this rare Viking is again being offered by the same seller – but bidding is already higher than the two previous auctions ever got and there’s over 2 days left in the auction, so maybe it will meet reserve this time. Find it in Tacoma, Washington with bidding up to $8,700

Post Listing Update: After the relist, this bike was pulled off of eBay as there was “an error in the listing.”

12-27 Update: Tom Wacker notes that this bike is back up for sale. Bidding is currently up to $5,778 with the reserve not yet met. It’s still in Bonney Lake, Washington and you can find it

Post Listing Update: This Viking did not meet reserve with bidding stopped at $8,000.

The Husqvarna 360 Viking was a rare bike – according to Motocross Action Magazine, just 10 were imported to the US and only one still exists. Despite that, here’s a recently restored example that’s waiting to go into your collection.

Husqvarna 360 Viking - Left Side

In 1966, the Viking retailed for $1150. It was based on the 250cc Cross (which had won back to back World Championships) but the bigger engine produced 37 horsepower to motivate a bike that weighed just 215 pounds. For more on the Viking, check out this write-up from Motocross Action Magazine.

Husqvarna 360 Viking - Tank

This specific Husqvarna 360 Viking has just gone through a complete restoration and is claimed to be very correct. It’s a numbers matching bike with some factory installed leftover ’66 parts. The restoration included many new parts from Vintage Husky and a gas tank that was restored by Mike Carter of Husky Sport.

Husqvarna 360 Viking - Right Side

I have to admit, I’m also featuring this bike so I have an excuse to share this wonderful video from none other than Bruce Brown, the guy who created on Any Sunday. This video is all about vintage Hare & Hound racing (which is still around). The reason why I argue this video is relevant is because the race covered in the video was eventually won by JN Roberts on a 360 Viking:

Skip to 1:55 for the good stuff, or skip right to 3:25 for the first example of how crazy these riders were. It’s 30 minutes of footage, but well worth it if you have the time to spare:

Anyway, back to this bike for sale! Find this Husqvarna 360 Viking for sale in Bonney Lake, Washington with bidding up to $8,000 and the reserve not yet met

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