1968 Honda SS125A

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Post Listing Update: This Honda was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

5-28-2019 Update: The seller has let me know that SS125A has now made its way onto eBay with no reserve, so it’ll find a new owner. Find it with bidding up to $500

The SS125A is one of the hardest Hondas to find nowadays as it was only offered for three years and it sold poorly during that time. While that makes it a rare sight, it also means it can be very difficult to find parts – especially the exhaust! Still, they’re worth sharing, and I like the attitude of this seller.

At 10,000 rpm, the 124cc four-stroke motor put out 13 horsepower to motivate 209 pounds of weight. SS stands for “Super Sport”, which might be an ambitious claim considering the displacement and output, but it’s charming in its own way. The motor is a OHC parallel twin paired with a 4-speed transmission.

This example is offered by a seller who has been sitting on it for some time after he got it to fire up. It runs, but he notes that he “wouldn’t call it a full-on rider just yet”. In fact, I’m going to defer to an email the seller sent me:

I’ve had several inquiries through CL or FB Marketplace – but, they’ve mostly been people who thought it “looked cool” but who I couldn’t in good conscience encourage to come look at a 51 year old bike that they couldn’t work on. Maybe I’m a dick, but most of them were glad for the honesty.

The downside is of course it’s had a rattle can repaint some time in the Ford administration. The upside is it’s all there, not rusty, has a good exhaust, and it runs and is too damn cool. The guy I bought it from had it for decades and even a sissy bar on it, which I could not abide. The buyer could have that for free!

Find this SS125 for sale in Corvallis, Oregon for $2,000 here on Craigslist.

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