Ending Soon – 1955 AJS Model 18CS

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Post Listing Update: This AJS did not meet reserve despite 19 bids up to $4,550 on eBay.

The AJS Model 18CS was an evolution of the Model 18 – a bike that can trace its roots back to the G3L, an ex-military bike that was sold off in surplus once the war had ended. The C stood for Competition (as a scrambler bike), and the S stood for the fact that it had a suspension as opposed to a rigid rear frame.

Built for 15 years, the 18CS featured a 497cc single that produced 32 horsepower, which helped the bike attained a top speed of 81 miles per hour. Wet weight was 375 pounds, and the original MSRP was $425 – just over a dollar per pound! For more information, check out this write-up from Motorcycle Classics about someone’s experience living with a 18CS.

This example has been with the seller for the last eight years, and he says he acquired it as a ‘non-running, dust-covered derelict’. He brought it back to life with many new parts and a powdercoated frame, but he’s out of room. The only claimed cosmetic issue is a chip in a cooling fin.

After rebuilding the engine I rode this bike for 4 years or so in “original” condition, then about two years ago I decided to make it look nicer and put attention into the cosmetics . So after two years I really need the space and don’t want to take it back into the desert and dirt when it looks so clean as is. BTW, bike was ALWAYS run with a UNI “sock” air filter…the bike is not concours but was assembled to be ridden and used. I didn’t want to throw away the old fenders and replace with re-pos as they’ve been on this bike since new, as was everything else.

Find this AJS for sale in Huntington Beach, California with bidding up to $4,550 and the reserve not yet met

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