1969 Ducati Scrambler 250

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In the 60s, American importer Joe Berliner was bringing in so many Ducatis that he had the ear of the corporate office. So when he started asking for a do-it-all bike aimed towards younger riders, the Italian firm obliged him with the Ducati Scrambler 250, a dual-sport based off the road-based Diana which Berliner had converted for dirt track competitions in the US. Obviously, the Scrambler name is now back, but hopefully you’ll notice that the current signature paint scheme is based on the lovely lines of the example featured here today.

Ducati Scrambler 250 - Left Side

This bike was a project through DesmoPro, and it was given some modern upgrades for daily drivability – high comp piston, 12V electrical system, new ignition, modern wheels/drum brakes, and an aftermarket carb. Find this beautiful vintage Scrambler for sale in Odessa, Florida with an unmet opening bid of $9,995

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