1969 Triumph Trident T150

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Post Sale Update: this Trident sold for $8,500 after 13 bids on eBay in Pleasanton, California.

In 1963, a development engineer at Triumph named Doug Hele suggested that the British firm build a flagship motor which would utilize three cylinders, but it took until 1968 and the looming 750cc Honda inline four before US riders got to ride the Trident (as well as the BSA twin, the Rocket 3). As noted in this Motorcycle Classics story, the press loved the performance and how distinctive it was. Cycle World said “The Triumph Trident is a prestige motorcycle. An awesome number of people will find that third cylinder irresistible. It will mark its owner as surely as if he were to drive a 427ci hot pink Corvette Sting Ray among the swarming minicars of Triumph’s homeland. Single and twin cylinder bikes are commonplace; even Fours are offered by more than one manufacturer. But there is only one Three.”

The performance was indeed ample, with 58 horsepower pushing you towards a top speed of around 120. But there were some ownership quirks and the US did not respond well to the ray gun exhaust and boxy styling – both of which were phased out within a couple of years so that Americans could enjoy styling more reminiscent of the Bonneville. For more about the Trident, check out this buyers guide on the T150 generation here on Sump Publishing.

This example (VIN: PC01047T150T) is on offer by Wheelhouse Garage, who claim that it is an original, unrestored bike in “stunning condition.” It’s “nice enough to put on display, but not concourse enough that you couldn’t take it out every weekend for a 100 mile ride.” With that said, you’ll need to replace the tires. The odometer shows approximately 8,500 miles and there’s a few scratches and road marks that are appropriate for the age. Also note a small dent on the front fender between the forks, which the seller documents in a photo.

Find this Trident for sale in Pleasanton, California with bidding up to $4,850 and the reserve not yet met

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