No Reserve – Honda Spada VT250

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Post Sale Update: This Spada sold for $2,108 after 28 bids on eBay in San Jacinto, California…to reader Rod M!

The Honda Spada (also known as the VT250) was never officially sold in America, but it’s an excellent small displacement motorcycle that looks like a baby Hawk GT. Here’s a rare find that’s been imported to the US, though it’s been moderately customized. What do you think about it?

The Spada was only built for a couple of years, but it seems to be universally loved by the few who have been able to ride it. Honda advertised their CASting frame TEChnology right on the frame itself with the large acronym of CASTEC – the idea is that it allowed for varying thicknesses, shapes, and sizes of the main frame to better suit specific requirements. It was 30% stiffer than the previous steel frame, yet 11 pounds lighter. Multiple sources state that the 249cc V-Twin motor produced a healthy 40 horsepower, and it was paired with Nissin brakes, a Showa shock, and Enkei wheels.

This example was bought and imported in 2016 by the seller “pretty much as you see it”, which is presumably a polite way of saying he had nothing to do with the custom paint and windscreen. A potential perk is the NSR250 MC16 front end and wheels swap, but that bike is lighter so the forks are “woefully undersprung” and the seller says you’re going to need stiffer fork springs. There’s also a Jardine slipon exhaust. The seller has installed new tires and rebuilt the carb, and he says everything now works except for the tachometer, which can be “a bit iffy at times and sometimes takes a tap on the glass to come alive.” So it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely unique and there’s no reserve. As it has an 11 digit VIN, you will be hard pressed to register this Spada in California.

Find this Spada VT250 for sale in San Jacinto, California with bidding up to $510

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