1970 Montesa King Scorpion 250

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The Montesa King Scorpion 250 was one of the bikes that changed public perception of what a dual sport machine was. Instead of taking a street machine and tacking on ‘dirt’ features, Montesa introduced the concept of starting with a true off-roader, and then tacking on lights and indicators to make it street legal. Producing 22 horsepower and weighing just 270 pounds, this bike was one of the best off-road options available at the time.

Montesa King Scorpion - Sidecover

When new, this bike had a MSRP of $1,238. To be frank, it wasn’t very good in the MX world, though with a few choice modifications, you could make it a rather excellent trail bike. What modifications, you ask? Simple – upgrade the shocks, probably rewire it up a bit, and go 1 tooth smaller on the countershaft sprocket. No matter how much you modify it, though, expect it to still be a 1-3 kick bike. Want to learn more? Check out a very helpful period review from Modern Cycle Magazine back in December of 1970.

Montesa King Scorpion - Left Side

This specific Montesa King Scorpion has non-original front fender, handlebars, and shocks. The engine and transmission were rebuilt and have just 10 hours on them. Repaint the front fender and you’re good to go, I say!

Montesa King Scorpion - Right Side

Find this Montesa King Scorpion for sale in Gilbertsville, New York with an opening bid of $3,800

Note that I’ve featured one of these before, and it sold for basically half of this bike’s opening bid…