Bitsa Bike – 1980 Moto Guzzi Custom

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Bitsa is a slang term that refers to a bike that’s been put together with “bits of” one bike and “bits of” another. This custom Moto Guzzi definitely qualifies, as it has pieces from multiple late 70s and early 80s Guzzis. As long as you’re not a stickler for originality, who cares? This bike looks good.

Moto Guzzi Custom - Front Right

Normally I try to spend a few moments talking about the general model that I feature, but that’s impossible in this case. So let’s get right into this specific Moto Guzzi Custom, which sort of started as a crashed California II. The seller didn’t like the frame, so he used one from a ’80 model. The front end is from a 1000SP, the triple trees/front wheel, and fender are from a LeMans I. The tank and seat are from a LeMans III…you get the idea.

Moto Guzzi Custom - Rear

But there’s more – it has an unique tailpiece from Australia, brakes from a ’76 Convert, and the rear wheel, swingarm, lower frame rails and controls are from a SP1000. But what stands out the most is the fairing, and the seller only knows its a German piece.

Moto Guzzi Custom - Right side

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