1970 Yamaha RT1 360

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Post Sale Update: This RT1 sold for $3,500 but the buyer must have bailed as it was immediately relisted and then sold for $3,155.25 after 11 bids on eBay in Wichita Falls, Texas.

The seller of this RT1 starts off by saying that he has “a bike that needs to be seen and enjoyed.” It’s claimed to have been sitting under tarps and blankets for the last thirty years, and it’s equipped with a bevy of period upgrades.

The engine is from a ’70 RT1, though it’s unclear if it’s out of an Enduro (30 hp) or MX (36 hp). That’s relatively pedestrian, but everything around it isn’t. As noted on the headstock, the chromoly frame is a Dallas Baker design built by C&J Precision Products. It’s got an alloy tank with alloy breather cover as well as Preston Petty fenders and skidplate.

The seller of this example (VIN: RT1-08562) suggests that it may have been a vintage racer, though your guess is as good as mine as to how competitive this machine ever was. Still, it’s a beautiful classic MX bike that deserves to be raced in vintage classes now, whether or not that happened in the past. It’s said to start right up and run perfectly, and it comes with a wooden storage crate and a serious amount of spare parts multiple factory pistons, polished side covers, cable sets, sprockets, NOS gasket sets, Yamaha Golden Spectro oil, plus a case of vintage Champion spark plugs – it’s a nice touch.

Find this RT1 for sale in Wichita Falls, Texas with bidding up to $1,582 here on eBay.

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