1971 BSA Firebird Scrambler

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Post Sale Update: This Firebird sold for $5,000 after 12 bids on eBay in Bakersfield, California.

BSA and Triumph released the new 1971 range to much fanfare…but journalists were underwhelmed. As Frank Westworth stated in a Bennetts review, “The press hated the brave, new, etc 1971 Beezers. They hated the style. They hated the colours. They hated the old engines, which is understandable, but most of all they hated the height.” 50 years later, no one’s buying these for performance, so the main question is…do you think it looks good or bad?

The Firebird wasn’t as popular as the Gold Star but by this point BSA was in dire straits financially, and they couldn’t support the marketing efforts required to support this dual-sport. It featured the A65 engine, BSA’s first unit construction twin. This plus twin Amal carbs from the factory yielded 52 horsepower. This bike also featured the typical high scrambler pipes with a grill heat shield, and a drum brake that was impressively powerful for the time. For more on the Firebird, check out this article on Motorcycle Classics.

This example (VIN: NE01359A65FS) has 19,764 miles and the seller (a motorcycle restorer) acquired it as a trade-in on a restoration. “It is one of those you rarely come by that doesn’t need anything. It starts and runs from cold on 1 or 2 kicks, period. It idles beautifully with the new Amal Premier carbs, and Boyer MKIII ignition system. It has also had a solid state regulator/rectifier installed for sure charging even at idle. It goes down the road, pulling very hard in all 4 gears. It cruises easily at 75 mph on the highway at 4200 rpm. The paint, obviously is not standard, and I’d say it’s good but not great. The frame and ancillaries were powdercoated some time in the past. The tires are newer and very supple. There are no leaks evident, unless the bike is left on the side stand, then a drop or 2 will hit the ground while sitting for a few days. Horn, lights, brake lights and blinkers work perfectly.”

Find this Firebird for sale in Bakersfield, California with an opening bid of $100 here on eBay.