1971 Speedway Widowmaker

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The Speedway Widowmaker has one of the greatest names ever affixed to a motorcycle. It also doesn’t sound like something you’d want to buy your kid who was learning on a tiny 80cc two-stroke.

Speedway Widowmaker - Top

Speedway was based out of Mansfield, Ohio and was owned by Taylor Metal Products, which seems to be still in business. Speedway was formed to compete with other American manufacturing firms that dabbled in minibikes and miniquads, such as Rupp. For more information on Speedway, check out this link. The Widowmaker utilized a Sachs 80B engine (73cc of displacement), a 2-cycle engine that could rev higher than 9,000 rpm. In addition, it had 14″ wheels, “Hydra-ride” front suspension, and features like “a handlebar-mounted kill switch.” Woohoo!

Speedway Widowmaker - Right Side

This specific Speedway Widowmaker (VIN: 34962) has about 2,000 miles and underwent a cosmetic restoration that included paint, decals, and some powdercoating. The front end was also rebuilt.

Speedway Widowmaker - Left Side

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