1971 Yamaha DT-1 250

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Post-Sale Update: After 52 bids on eBay, this Yamaha DT-1 250 sold for a substantial $5,900.

Yesterday, I featured a lovely Husky Sportsman that was built by the Swedes to compete specifically with bikes like this Yamaha DT-1 250, which essentially created and dominated the market in the US.

Yamaha DT-1 250 - Engine

The 250cc single-cylinder engine, combined with knobbies, Ceriani forks, and ample clearance all helped to make a bike so popular that it eventually sold nearly 50,000 units a year! If you want to learn more, BikeEXIF has an excellent article that will give you all you want and more.

Yamaha DT-1 250 - Right Side

This specific Yamaha DT-1 250 is a fourth year (last of the 1st generation) model. With a shade over 4,000 miles, it was sent over to Denny Berg for restoration. Most of the bike retains its original paint, but it will need a new battery and light to be road ready.

Yamaha DT-1 250 - Gauges

Find this Yamaha DT-1 250 for sale in Costa Mesa, California with bidding up to $3,050 and the reserve not yet met

Yamaha DT-1 250 - Left Side

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