1972 CZ 400 – Model 981

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Post Sale Update: This bike sold on eBay for the Buy-It-Now price of $3,450.

The CZ 400, also known as the Model 981, was the best open motocrosser to ever come out of the country of Czechoslovakia. Though on the heavy side, this bike was extremely reliable, with well blue-printed engines. These bikes could be difficult to ride, as power delivery was abrupt, and there were heavy vibrations. But the payoff came in high speeds and excellent suspension behavior, despite the excess weight.

CZ 400 - Left Side

Racers of the time considered these bikes to be tanks, capable of clutchless drops into first gear with the throttle pinned open. This was a benefit due to the starts of the time – known as the salute start, where you had to keep your hand on your helmet until the green flag was waved. Skipping the clutch action would often save you the precious time to gaining your holeshot, though it was a skill that required plenty of practice.

CZ 400 - Tank

This specific CZ 400 features a Mikuni carb (which addresses the well-documented deficiencies of the factory Jikove carburetor) and Works suspension. The wheels are taken care of with Sun rims and Buchanan spokes, plus you’ll get a bonus Circle F exhaust pipe for “off-road” use. This bike raced AHRMA in the mid 90’s.

CZ 400 - Engine

Find this CZ 400 here on eBay with an opening bid of $3,450 in Boonton, New Jersey.

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