1972 Harley-Davidson FLH Police Sidecar

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Post Sale Update: This sidecar did not meet reserve with 2 bids up to $15,100, but it was relisted and then sold for $19,280 on eBay.

12-12-2018 Update: 6 months later, this bike is now on the East Coast – looks like the current seller made the previous one a good offer. Now, the current seller is moving and he needs to let go of this interesting hack. The license plate is different but it otherwise looks the same. Find it with bidding up to $14,000 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $29,500

Post Listing Update: This interesting police sidecar was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

Factory police sidecars are quite rare (in fact, nowadays they’re just about non-existent), but there are a few police departments that swear by them, particularly in cities with inclement winter weather. One such city is Washington DC, where Harley sidecars have played a significant role in the pomp and circumstance of presidential inaugurations.

From the Washington Post article linked above:
“Harley is looked on as a tradition, and when people see the sidecars coming with the president, it means something,” said [Steve] Tritt, who spent three years as a police officer in South Carolina but credits his father, a longtime sheriff, with his interest in motorcycles. “That’s the way it always has been. That’s American history.”

This example (VIN: 1A41387H2) has appeared in the Stephen King movie 11.22.63 and may have also been used in Richard Nixon’s inauguration parade. It has a hand shift, foot clutch, and the seller believes the bike and sidecar have generally been together since the unit rolled off the factory floor. He originally acquired it with the intent of separating the hack, removing the police equipment, and enjoying the FLH, but after some research he decided everything should be kept together…in someone else’s garage. It’s equipped with the police lights, a functional radio, and a police crash bar on the rear.

The odometer shows about 41,000 miles, and the seller includes over 50 photos for you to peruse. Per the seller, this is “a mix of restoration and original parts.” The motorcycle bodywork looks to have the original paint, though the rear fender and sidecar fender “maybe later additions”. The top end has been rebuilt, it’s numbers matching, and it’s said to run well. Everything seems to work though the seller suggests that the “juice” brake (hydraulic drum) master cylinder on the sidecar could use a rebuild and that some of the wiring “looks a bit amateur”, but overall it’s in decent shape. If you want to ride it you’ll probably want to replace the tires on the motorcycle, but that’s the extent of the work I’d do. Leave the cosmetic wear (including the chrome) and enjoy it as it’s been preserved!

Find this police hack for sale in Idyllwild, California with bidding up to $6,100 and the reserve not yet met

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